Thank you for your support, encouragement, and dedication for our campaign. The time and energy you have invested has been truly humbling. After careful consideration and based upon numerous factors, I am suspending my campaign.

The United States is the greatest Country in the world. We are guided by a written set of principles—The United States Constitution. In addition, our culture in America instills in us a sense of morality whereby we know right from wrong. 

As Americans we have certain inalienable rights—the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our Country was founded upon this concept and many Americans fought and sacrificed for these freedoms (and continue to do so) and we must not take them for granted.

I have recently had the opportunity to personally speak with thousands of residents about their political opinions. It was a pleasure and honor to meet so many great people. While some individuals may not have agreed with all my viewpoints, we found much common ground, and did so in a mature and fruitful manner.

A theme I quickly observed was that everyone was tired of the political bickering. They want an elected official to represent them, to act in their best interest, and to get things done. Most have lost trust in their elected officials. They have all but given up their faith in our elected leadership because of the senseless posturing and pointless arguing that is of no consequence. 

Therefore, I offer every candidate, in every race, associated with any party, the following advice: be righteous in your actions and do what is best for your constituents. Note that your duties do not end there. You must also have the foresight to do what is proper for all Americans and ultimately every citizen of the world, for ours is a global world whereby we must lead by example.